What is Concierge Orthopedic Medicine?  

Quite a few “concierge” medical practices have become very popular in San Antonio over the last few years.  But there’s only ONE place to get concierge orthopedic medicine and that’s right here at Dominion Medspa & Salon.  

In recent past, people who had to deal with joint pain were challenged to get treatment for it due to the “hoops” they’d have to jump through. From getting seen by a primary care physician to getting a referral to an orthopedic specialist, then waiting for the specialist appointment, patients would suffer through this exhausting process, hoping to get some relief in the end. 

But enter “concierge” orthopedic medicine, a game-changer in the world of joint pain relief in San Antonio.  Dr. Brad Hall invented the concept of Concierge Orthopedic Medicine with his patients in mind.  With this new concept, people with joint pain can bypass all of the typical process and waiting associated with insurance and go straight into “same-week” appointments for joint wellness and joint pain relief without the need for using insurance.  This service is a private cash-pay set up that isn’t much higher than much of the co-insurance or deductables that they’d have to cover anyway.  But imagine setting an appointment, being evaluated and TREATED for your joint pain within the same week in most cases! No more waiting on referrals, overbooked specialists, no more waiting while you’re in pain. That’s what concierge orthopedic medicine is….and it’s a game-changer.

Dominion Medspa & Salon now offers concierge orthopedic medicine in San Antonio Texas for joint pain treatment and orthopedic wellness for your shoulder, knee, hip, in a luxury salon setting, cortisone injections for fast, effective relief.

How it works:

Patients usually pay with credit card or cash and we provide a detailed reciept so that they can file insurance on their own. The advantage is, we can usually see patients within the same week they request an appointment. Concierge orthopedic medicine patients can see Dr. Brad Hall in a luxury, non-clinical environment to get evaluated and treated for shoulder pain, hip pain and knee pain. Dr. Brad Hall utilizes cortisone injections, placed with precision, to provide swelling reduction and relief for joint pain without the long, complicated process of going through insurance and without the long wait typically associated with seeing orthopedic specialists in San Antonio. Dr. Hall also provides second opinions.

How does our orthopedic evaluation work? Dr. Hall will ask you questions about your pain. Be as specific as possible when describing your pain. Use details such as where you feel pain, what type of pain you have, how often it hurts, how severe your pain is, and whether or not pain is preventing you from enjoying daily activities. You should also describe any past injuries that could be contributing to your pain. Let him know about any other chronic pain you deal with, even if it seems unrelated.

Before we can administer cortisone injections, Dr. Hall will ask you a few questions and give you an evaluation to determine your needs. He may ask questions about your medical history, including any underlying medical conditions such as arthritis or diabetes.

To further evaluate your pain, Dr. Hall will most likely conduct a few physical tests. These tests are meant to check your flexibility, range of motion, and reflexes. He will also check the affected area for swelling and visible symptoms of a condition such as visible lumps, asymmetrical swelling, etc.

Dr. Hall may have you bend, walk and sit down to test your range of motion. Watching your body’s ability to perform movements helps him evaluate your flexibility to determine your level of pain and where cortisone injections can help. Book your appointment with Dr. Brad Hall at Dominion Medspa & Salon today and say goodbye to your joint pain and long waits today!