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Facials can give a you a clean and bright complexion, as well as remove dirt and blackheads. Sopme specialty facials which penetrate deep into the skin, have anti-aging benefits, too.  Additionally, when a face mask is applied to the skin during a facial, it helps tone and clarify the skin.

Dominion Medspa & Salon has a variety of facials to bennefit most skin types and desired out comes.

Some of our most popular services:

  • Purifying facial
  • Radiance facial
  • Age rewind facial
  • Mandatory facial

Vichy Shower

A Vichy shower is a form of  hydrotherapy.  It has 7 shower heads attached to a horizontal bar that is suspended about three feet above your body.  When the water is turned on, it cascades over the entire length of your body and spills onto the tiled floor, where it drains away.

The shower massage, that stimulates circulation in the body, encouraging the transportation of fluids and blood components to the lymph nodes and back to the heart.


Body Wraps & Scrubs

Body wraps can detoxify and heal your body. It also removes excess fat, restores minerals and reduces joint pain. Body wraps can also help in toning and tightening as well as nourishing and softening your skin.

The Health Benefits of a Body Scrubs just like the skin cells on your face, the cells on your body regularly shed to reveal new, healthier skin underneath. That turnover process slows as we get older; to give it a nudge, and schedule a body wrap and scrub.

  • Energizing Aromatic scrub
  • Purifying Detox treatment
  • Randiance Scrub
  • CBD
  • Slimming and lightness Detox
  • Traditional Hammam


Waxing has the benefit of being a non injury causing solution for removal of hair from skin. Stubble free skin – Waxing removes hair completely from the skin. The smallest of the hair can be removed by waxing. In other hair removal methods like shaving, some hair is left unattended to, which forms rough stubble on your skin.

  • Ab Trail
  • Arm Full
  • Arm Half
  • Back Full
  • Back Half
  • Bikini Brazilian
  • Brow
  • Chest
  • Chin Face Side
  • Face Full
  • Leg Half
  • Leg Full
  • Leg Full & Bikini
  • Leg Full & Brazilian
  • Lip
  • Stomach
  • Underarms
  • Male Brazillian


Enhance your natural beauty while creating your unique look with our eye lash services. Our experienced stylist take your natural eye lashes to the next level with tinting, lifting, or extensions that give you natural curls, length, and

Our stylists talk with you about your desired look in order to determine the most effective eye lash service for you. We are continuously learning new techniques and styles to ensure your look is always on point and that you leave our salon looking, and feeling, gorgeous. Add curl, volume, and length with eye lash services from the experts at Dominion Medspa & Salom.

Ask about the bennifit of our Brow and Lash Special. We can create a bright-eyed look you’re sure to love.

  • Lash Extensions
  • Classic
  • Volume
  • Minx
  • Lash Refill
  • Removal
  • Lash Bath
  • Tinting/ Lifting
  • Eye brow Tint
  • Eye Lash Tint
  • Brow and Lash Special
  • Eye Lash Lift

Other Services

At Dominion Medspa & Salon we strive to offer a full spectrum of Day Spa services, we also offer Teeth Whitening, Vichy Shower and Spray Tanning.  If you are interested in a service and do not see it please call to see if it available or we can possibly refer you to a spa that may better serve you.

Ask about a Vichy Shower

Experience the incredible sensory journey of our Vichy hydrotherapy. Your salt, mud or massage treatment will be proceeded by a high pressure hydrotherapy massage. Enjoy this warm and penetrating Jacuzzi style body massage. The Vichy shower is the finishing touch with an invigorating rain shower delivered by carefully positioned shower heads in alignment with the spine.

Spray tanning offers a long list of other benefits, including: An even, streak-free tan – the fine mist allows an even application all over, with no patchiness, and our new and improved technology means you don’t have to worry about going orange.


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