What Makes Dominion MedSpa and Salon a ‘Luxury’ Salon?

There are many characteristics of a luxury salon that make us stand out. With a lot of choices for hair and beauty salons throughout the San Antonio Texas area, luxury salons are quickly becoming a preferred option for many reasons. While all luxury salons are unique and different in their own ways, there are some common features and aspects that draw our clientele in and create a stand-out reputation way beyond San Antonio.

The Luxury Salon Experience

Here at Dominion MedSpa & Salon, our staff provides a resort-like experience from your first phone call or social media message to answer your questions and provide flexible scheduling options. We work very hard to accomodate our clients knowing that they have very busy lives and careers – we want to work around that and be flexible so you can get the luxury services you need.

We have an Aesthetically Pleasing Design that’s more like walking into a resort than a salon – When you walk into Dominion MedSpa & Salon, you’ll see why we’re considered a luxury salon. You’ll be greeted and welcomed-in by our staff to begin your luxury experience. The way we differentiate ourselves is through relaxing high-quality furniture that both prioritizes your comfort, while also providing an upscale aesthetic that perfectly matches our interior design and decor. You’ll find comfortable seating with attractive designs, looking and feeling fresh. We want you to feel comfortable when you arrive.

Our Stand-Out Client Service Makes Us TRULY Stand Out – Clients are taken care of from the second they walk through our door and you’ll be attended to the entire time you’re here. Our guests are provided fine beverages while they are here such as a glass of wine or freshly ground coffee. From the momeny you arrive, your relaxation begins. In fact, our goal is to help you escape the real world and just relax while we provide a great, luxurious service while you’re here.

We offer luxurious. high-end services at competitive prices – We offer many exclusive services like no other standard salon such as luxury hair styling & coloring, revitalizing facials and body treatments, skin & wrinkle treatments, Red Light Treatments, spray tanning, injectables such as Botox, Juvederm and Versa, microchanneling and more all under one roof. Wellness is another luxury offering that makes us stand out. From IV therapy to Vichi Shower hydrotherapy massage, we want you to feel beautiful and rejuvinated when you spend time with us.

We provide luxury and convenience at the same time. Our newer clients may not know exactly what they want or need. Our staff spends time with our new clients to show them how all of our services work so they know what to expect when trying a new service that they’ve never tried before. Our clientele has access to a wide array of services here, which is why our clients visit often.

If you’ve never experienced a true luxury salon, we’d love to give you a tour and show you how we’re different and better than any salon you’ve ever seen. Book an appointment with Dominion Medspa & Salon today.